Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So it's official..

I admit- I'm a failure at blogging. But- I have pictures. So, my goal is to upload some pictures and talk about those. (Otherwise I have no idea what to say and then everything gets complicated!).

Also- be sure to check out our Blog here at TWR Europe. I uploaded the first interview (of me) so check it out and pass the link around:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Send off

Today during the service the church took a few minutes to pray for my trip. Worship was crazy emotional today- especially for me. I don't know what it is but I definitely cry when I feel the spirit move during worship. Anyways- the songs today really spoke to me and made me think about how much my life really isn't my own, and how crazy it is how God has brought me this far. I also had to admit a lot of fear in going on this trip, but also trust in Him to be my strength. 
Thank you ACTS family for your prayers today and for prayer as I continue on my journey. Pastor Kim, your words were very encouraging to me and I will take them with me as I go.
It is so amazing to have people who love you and care about you surround you in the most powerful way- through Prayer. Today, as I stood in the front of the church, surrounded by family and friends, I had a peace and a joy about this trip that, in all the excitement so far, has not been there. I know that no matter where on this earth I go I am never out of the hands of the Lord. That He is always with me, guiding me, caring for me, protecting me. Some days it's hard to "feel" Him, but that's when our faith kicks in. 
People have been asking me over and over again- "Are you scared at all? Like, going to a foreign country?" Oh yea!! Of course I'm scared. And I'm nervous. I'm very uncomfortable doing things I've never done. But at the same time I'm super excited. I am afraid in a way, but I am not full of fear. 
The other day I was praying and just really emphasizing to God what I was fearful about- traveling, etc. And a verse popped into my head. Maybe it's a little out of context, but it spoke to me. In my heart I kept hearing- "...perfect love casts out fear..." I knew that this verse didn't have to do with getting on an airplane or being in a country where they spoke German, or taking public transportation everyday. But God really spoke to me. He emphasized to me that- when we are in love with God, and not just a shallow affections, but a deep burning passionate desire for Him, fear is cast out. Not because fear isn't there. But because when we are so passionate about the path that God has for us, so enveloped in His love and affection, and so driven in worship and praise to Him, there is no room left in our minds for the fear that Satan wants to put there. 
This was a wow moment for me. So as I go, I told myself, I am going to go to the airport, go through all the security, waiting, and boarding. Then- I will sit back in my seat, put on my headphones, and Worship.

Friday, June 10, 2011

T minus five days and counting

Today was my last day of work in my hometown. So the reality of going overseas is really starting to sink in. It's crazy to think that in just 5 days I will be going forward in time about 6 hours as I fly into Vienna, Austria. It's so cool to see how everything came together for this trip. It is still so unreal to me, but I have to smile when I think of how everything fell together.
I have wanted to travel to Europe since I was in second grade. I remember telling my mom that I wanted to study french when I finally got to high school so I could go to Europe some day.
A whole lot of years and "acts of God" later I'm sitting in a marketing class at Toccoa Falls College. Heather, a representative from TWR came during a mission's week to speak about internship opportunities. There was no question in my mind as I heard her speak- I wanted to work with TWR!
I picked up a brochure and to my surprise saw an internship in Europe. It was a HR/Marketing position that lasted 8 weeks. Perfect!! But, in my mind, So so far from reality.....
I got in contact with Heather and began my application process. I picked out several internship locations and my application was sent out. Literally the NEXT DAY Europe had returned the email. They wanted ME! 
I'm not one to get overly excitement generally consists of a smile and a slight nod. But I'll be honest- I screamed. and Cried. And was beyond excited. This was definitely a God thing.
So since then (last year this time) I have been filling out papers, sending donor letters, receiving funds, and getting information for my trip. 
Now- it's almost here. I still can't believe it! 
So...the next few days are going to be a little crazy- finishing up everything and packing for the next 2 months. Thanks to my family for their support and everything they have done for me, for my friends and all those who continue to support me, and for all those who are praying for me as I go.
Please continue to pray for me as I prepare to go to Vienna. 
2 Cor. 12:9